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Software Development & Maintenance

For many of the typical enterprise IT needs, software needed for addressing the business requirements is either not available in the market or does not make sense due to the reasons like High Cost or Inability of the software to take care of all business needs of the enterprise directly. At many places, organizations do not also want to share their trade secret out of their organization. In such cases, enterprises rely on their Custom IT applications to do the job for them.

We work with our Customers on Custom Applications Development and Maintenance (primarily in Enterprise Java/J2EE technologies but open to other technology stacks too) for all types of custom applications i.e. Intranet/Internet based Web Applications, Windows based applications, Database intensive Applications, Mobile Applications etc.

End-to-End Application Development

Application Maintenance

Project & Portfolio Management

Performance Engineering

Quality Assurance and Validation Services

Legacy Modernization

Our Value Proposition:

  • Our strong processes, proven development & maintenance methodology and usage of various standard and proprietary Emilia tools in all SDL phases enables us to build and deliver flexible, scalable and reliable applications that are great in quality and are easy to deploy, use and maintain.
  • Also, Technology is not a bar for us and we have both the capability and flexibility to work on any technology needs for our Customers. We already possess skillset in most of the basic and advanced technologies and tools but are keen to quickly ramp-up on other required technologies as well if that is strategic to our Customers.