• A leading Warehouse Management Software for efficient tracking and management of within and across location item movements.

  • Unique Android app based solution with separate apps for Core Warehouse Management features and Administration tasks.

  • Live inventory tracking - location wise, item wise and warehouse wise.

  • GPS based Live tracking of Incoming & Outgoing Dispatches.

  • Robust in-built Analytics & Drilldown Reporting along with automated alerts and notifications for timely actions.

  • Increases Supply Chain Efficiency with proactive Raw Material and Packaging Material replenishments thus avoiding the outages.

  • Controlled Access for Own Users, Suppliers and Drivers (in-transit).

  • Offered via flexible Cloud based and Perpetual license options.

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Live Inventory Tracking

Live inventory status at location, warehouse and item level.

Traffic Light Summary report to show live status of Green, Yellow or Red status of item inventories based on set threshold levels.

Audit trails functionality to easily track item movements across and within plant/warehouse.

Access control

Robust User Authentication & Authorization logic for controlled access to own users, suppliers, drivers and third parties.

Role based authorization to control the access for critical modules only to managers.

Automated Inventory Management

Automated Inventory updates at warehouses and plants/locations only through OUT and IN challans.

No manual intervention or adjustments allowed to avoid inventory mismatches.

Four types of Challans are possible: OUT, IN, Supplier IN and OUT to Production.

System enforced correct combinations of warehouse-plant-authorized items to avoid errors.

Printable Challan copies and Gate pass along with unique QR code printed on challans.

Robust Admin App

Configurable Locations, Plants, Warehouses, Items and the authorized item-warehouse-plant mapping.

Add/Maintain Users, Managers, Admins authentication & authorization to various functionalities.

Add/Maintain Suppliers along with item mappings, quantity threshold levels and Login/Email allowed flags.

Manual Quantity Overwrite for manual adjustments of quantity along with automated alerts to Managers.

One-time manual inventory update for new warehouses when added.

Print Rack Barcodes for FIFO implementation.

Suppliers Access

Suppliers direct login to the app to see the running/live quantities of the authorized items.

Automated system alerts for the low item quantities as per set thresholds.

Create new Dispatches while sending the item quantities to the Plant Locations based on the already received POs.

GPS based Live tracking of sent Dispatches.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts to Senior Managers for any received quantity diff or Item Swap scenarios during Challan IN process.

Automated alerts to Managers for item quantities going below threshold level.

Automated Daily Email alerts to Suppliers for item quantities going below threshold level.

Automated Email to Users for the created and updated User Profiles and Passwords.

SMS notifications for app urls, Login OTPs etc to the Drivers/Courier Personnels for GPS Logistics module .


Robust in-built reporting engine.

Reports for Challans history, Swap/Diff scenarios etc.

Live Items Position Report for total Item Inventory along with Warehouse-wise split.

Inventory Threshold Report in Traffic Light Summary view along with drill-down capability.

Item Movement Report for audit-trail of item quantity debits and credits in a warehouse or location.

24hrs Report for the Open Challans not inwarded since more than 24 hours.

FIFO implementation

First In First Out in-built logic to avoid piling up of old stocks.

Rack/Location mapping with each Lot during Item Inventory IN process along with option to print LOT Barcodes to physically attach to inwarded Stock.

System suggested Item Lots during OUT Challan process based on FIFO logic.

Feature to lock wrong item lot pickup via enforced scan of picked lot during Challan OUT and validating as per FIFO logic.

Supplier level Item Inventory tracking due to inventory movement tracked at Lot level via FIFO.

Logistics Module

An innovative Logsitics Module seamlessely integrated with WMS.

Suppliers log all Dispatches for all items being dispatched against a PO via a Dispatch Challan.

The item quantities are INwarded via Supplier IN Challan directly from Dispatch Challan on physically reaching the plant.

Reports for all open dispatches are available to Users via Reports for efficient planning and tracking of stocks.

GPS based Dispatches Tracking

Automated Location Tracking of Dispatches via GPS based location tracking of Driver/Courier coordinates.

Consolidated view of all Open dispatches shown on the Google Maps along with many unique features.

Detailed route map, current location and many other statistics available to Users.

Automated alerts to Users on Arriving at Plant, Pending challan inwards etc.

Technology Architecture

Highly scalable Java based technology architecture with mysql database and Android frontend.

Email, SMS and Cloud/Wireless Printer integrations.

External Interfaces

Data export format according to the import format of SAP or Organization ERP system for easy upload.

Both Push and Pull integrations possible.

Why Us?

  • We are Industry Leaders in ERP systems design and development.
  • Expert team of professionals with both Domain & Technology expertise.
  • Strong Java based scalable Technology Architecture with so many unique features and latest technology trends like GPS Logictics Module, Geofencing etc.
  • Pure Mobile app based solution with ease of access and many unique features.
  • Integrates well with SAP and other systems.
  • Everything completely Configurable including locations, plants, warehouses, items, thresholds, users and all authorization mappings.
  • High Return On Investment due to nominal price and unique pricing options.
  • Option to outsource complete administration and day-to-day monitoring operations.

Our Plans


Recurring Cloud based licensing

  • No hassle of any hardware, hosting server or deployment / configuration costs.
  • No costs for email, sms and other integrations.
  • Complimentary Technology support, maintenance, backups, up-time etc during license duration at no additional cost.
  • Six-Monthly or Yearly payment options available for software usage.
  • Access to new releases and upgrades of software free of cost if yearly payment is done.
  • Option to migrate to Perpetual license in future if required.
  • Customized licensing option available based on no of users/suppliers, items, warehouses, locations etc.


One-time upfront payment applicable

  • License for unlimited usage of the license for self use.
  • Access to the latest software version at the time of buying.
  • Hardware, Hosting server and access to Email/SMS Gateways to be provided by Customer.
  • Software Maintenance and Upgrade costs are not included.
  • Customized licensing option available based on no of users/suppliers, items, warehouses etc.
  • Additional customizations are possible on chargeable basis as and when required.

Note: Completely customized solution also available...

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