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EmiVehicleTracker is a GPS based Vehicle Tracking software based on android architecture/app using which the live GPS based location tracking of any vehicles can be done. Although designed generic, this solution has been proving boon for the Schools as a School Bus Tracking system and the logistics companies for the Live tracking of their vehicles on google map.

This comes along with options to track any Vehicles (two/three/four wheelers) via Desktop, Web and Mobile based tracking apps. The live GPS coordinates can be captured via any Smartphone coordinates and also supports various kind of VTS devices and protocols.

Features of the product:

  • Android based solution with backend on a secure internet server.
  • Cloud based architecture that avoids all the complexities and costs of software handling, hosting and maintenance.
  • Offered to Customers via a flexible pay-as-you-go (monthly subscription) model with no lock-in or obligation.
  • Also offered as a one-time installation/license basis.
  • Has two main modules - one for the vehicle/driver and other for the tracking person/organization.
  • Configurable data sampling interval based on which the coordinates are shared from the EmiVehicleTracker App to the server.
  • Unique features to add/configure specific routes and stoppage points ? especially useful for the fixed route vehicles like School buses.
  • Feature for the tracking user to subscribe to a particular route and stoppage.
  • Feature for the subscribed user to do live tracking of a vehicle on route.
  • Feature to alert/notify the subscribed user as soon as the moving vehicle reaches in the defined vicinity/radius of the subscribed point.
  • Feature to play back a particular route-trip combination up to few days after the trip.
  • Feature to charge the Tracking users also on set frequency via the app itself.