• Android based unique supply chain management solution.

  • Improves operational efficiency among Distributors, Retailers, Manufacturers and End Consumers.

  • Simplifies the regular orders taking, delivery, tracking and billing processes across supply chain.

  • Suitable for all domains including FMCG, Packaged Water, Telcom, Milk, Electronics and many more.

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Could based Architecture

Avoids the complexities of deployment, hosting, up-time and other technical issues for Customers.

Both Cloud based and On-Premise deployments are available.

Users Management

Multiple Users can be created with different level of access.

Secure data access over cloud based servers.

Categories/Products Management

Categories and Products Maintenance right from the mobile app.

Products Inventory Management and Reports.

Promotional Offers/Deals management.

Vendors Management

Vendors Addition/Maintenance to enable the Retailers/Consumers to place orders easily.

Vendor-Products authorization.

Vendor-Product-Price mapping.

Orders Management

Two modes of Orders Taking: Outbound & Inbound.

Outbound Orders taken by Authorized Sales Reps from Listed Vendors.

Inbound Orders process for direct orders placement by Vendors.

Orders Processing and Status update etc.

Order Payments via Cash, Cheque, Online & Wallet.

Delivery Management

Order delivery status updates.

QR code based Order initiation/delivery.

Quick Order via pre-configured regular settings.

Take and Deliver Orders at same time.

Individual and Bulk Prints functionality.

Reports - Vendor/Date wise, Consolidated.

Billing Solution

In-built Vendor Wallet Management module.

Multiple credits/debits along with history.

Credit Limit feature for efficient Payments process.

Billing/Invoice Generation feature for selected duration.

Email Bill functionality within the app.

Resources/Payments Tracking

Attach multiple resources across the products.

Track resource inventory/count across orders and in consolidated billing.

Payments Tracking against Bills.

Alerts and Notifications

Email alerts to various parties on transaction status changes.

Push Notification alerts also within the app.

Possibility of SMS alerts if enabled.

Extensive Reports - Vendor wise, Date wise & Consolidated.

Unique Integrated Solution

Seamless integration with Payment Gateway for online payments.

Seamless integration with Ecommerce engine for direct selling to any users.

Ecom, POS and DMS interfaces possible right from within same app/interface.

Why Us?

  • Simplified Orders and Billings Management.

  • Highly efficient Mobile Application based management of core business.

  • Lot of direct and indirect effort and cost savings .

  • Offered via a flexible pay-as-you-go model with no lock-in or obligation.

  • High Return On Investment.

Our Plans


Single User License

  • Cloud based deployment/access.
  • 20 Products and 20 Vendors allowed
  • Outbound Orders only.
  • Cash, Cheque Payment modes.
  • Essential Billing Module.
  • Email notifications/alerts.


Multi-user licence with advance features

  • Different roles like Admin, Normal User, Delivery etc.
  • Cloud based deployment/access.
  • 50 Products and 50 Vendors allowed.
  • Both Outbound and Inbound Orders options.
  • Cash, Cheque and Online (Payment Gateway) options.
  • Advanced Billing Module.
  • Email and In-app notifications/alerts.
  • Customization as per in-built framework
  • POS and Ecom Options allowed.*


Multi-user license with enterprise features

  • Different roles like Admin, Normal User, Delivery etc.
  • Both Cloud based and On-Premise deployments are available.
  • Unlimited Products and Vendors allowed.
  • Both Outbound and Inbound Orders options.
  • Cash, Cheque, Online (Payment Gateway) and Wallet options.
  • Vendor Wallet and Credit Limit options.
  • Resources Management & Tracking module.
  • Enterprise Billing Module.
  • Email, In-app and SMS* based notifications/alerts.
  • Customization allowed to any extent.*
  • POS and Ecom Options allowed.*

Note: Completely customized plans are also available...

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