• An Android based Automatic Dialer Solution.

  • Suitable for all individuals, call centers and organizations involved in any kind of calling to their prospects or customers.

  • An enterprise grade solution with robust Java based Technology Architecture.

  • Pre-integrated with web based Admin panel and CRM module for easy operations.

  • Replaces traditional voip/pc based predictive auto dialers.

  • Legalized calling via normal GSM SIMs through an easy to use mobile app UI interface

  • Non-conventinal approach that eliminates the need for Telecallers to be physically present in the office.

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Cloud based Architecture

Centralized data uploading and distribution at the organization level.

Both Cloud based and On-Premise deployments are available.

Secure Access

Access control across users and roles like Telecallers, Admin, Manager etc.

High Data security due to masking of confidential data.

Automated Processing

Automated data pull and synch with central server.

Automated dialing by telecaller on assigned numbers via normal GSM Sim.

Seamless handling of Call response and call-back scenarios.

Automated call recording and push to server/dropbox for all calls.

Integrated CRM

Comes along with a web based CRM interface for easy admin operations.

In-built Lead Management System for effective tracking of generated leads if enabled

Possibility to seamlessly migrate to full CRM version(EMICRM).

Tracking & Control

Telecallers attendance/worked hrs tracking.

Data export into xls for easy analysis and interface with other systems.


Automated status and leads reporting.

Strong reporting engine with reports like Telecallers report, Leads Report, Dialy TCR Report etc.

Opertional Modes

Supports both Offline and Online(Intranet/Internet)modes of operation.

Both Bulk and Individual Data synch modes possible.

Enhanced Security

App Lock feature to restrict the telecallers from using other unproductive apps.

DND numbers filtering possible right from the panel.

Option to buy relevant data right from the admin panel directly(in future).

Why Us?

  • Multi-fold increase in Telecaller productivity.

  • Offered via a flexible Pay-as you-go model with no lock-in or obligation

  • Legalized calling through GSM SIM rather than VoIP based calling in predictive dialers

  • High return on investment due to the lowest price per user and the increased telecaller productivity.

  • future integration with Data providersfor easy access to data for calling.

  • Allows Virtual Telecaller concept(no office)along with high data security and automated status reporting

Our Plans


Single User License

  • Features like data upload automated calling via GSM Sim, reports and analytics.
  • Offline operations within the app.
  • No dependency on intranet / internet network.
  • Suitable for Personal/Individual Usage.


Multi-user license with advance features

  • Different roles like Admin, Telecaller, Manger etc.
  • Comes along with a robust web-based admin module.
  • Automated data pull,call dialing and server synch within the app.
  • Can Work both in Offline and Online (Intranet/Internet) modes.


Multi-user license with enterprise features

  • All the Professional plan features by default.
  • Pre-integrated with Lead/Sales Management Module (EmiCRM).
  • Automated call recording and synch to server.
  • Flexibility to upgrade to full CRM solution with all features.
  • Both Cloud based and On-Premise deployments are available.

Note: Completely customized plans are also available...

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