• A generic Cloud based Order Delivery Management & Tracking solution.

  • Suitable for all businesses like Dry Cleaners, Laundries, Courier etc.

  • Helps in efficient tracking of order deliveries done in the past that avoids later conflicts with Customers.

  • An Android app based solution.

  • A simple app with unique and useful features like signature capture, document scan etc at the time of delivery and the flexibility to trace a past delivery by searching based on customer mobile no, customer name, date, receipt etc.

  • Offered via flexible Cloud based and Perpetual license options.

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Authentication & Authorization

User Login and Authentication.

Different Roles like Admin, Manager and Delivery.

Role based authorization for the features.

Admin Features

Add or update a user.

Add new Customer or Update Existing.

Add new Delivery/Receipt for an Order and attach to a Customer.

Task/Work Management by assigning entered delivery receipts to specific Delivery employees.

Order Delivery Management

Make delivery of already added and assigned receipts.

Capture receiver information during delivery including signature or image scan etc.

Trace Previous Deliveries

Trace previous deliveries via search based on Customer Name, Mobile no, Receipt, Date of Delivery etc.

See Receiver Information for delivery including.


Reports of day-wise, employee wise deliveries along with other filters.

Upload and download data for synch with invoice/payroll system.

Alerts and notifications

Instant Email and SMS alerts to Admin and Customer.

Push Notifications within the app.

Technology Architecture

Robust Java based technology architecture with mysql database.

In-built Email, SMS integrations and Push Notifications.

Custom API option also available for Push and Pull data to Order Tracking System and Accounting/Invoicing system etc.

GPS based features

GPS coordinates attachment for delivery.

GPS based delivery path guidance to Customer address for delivery guy.

Optional features of GPS based delivery staff tracking via our integrated EmiTracker app.

Why Us?

  • A Unique and Simple app for the purpose of Delivery Tracking & Management.

  • Strong Java based scalable Technology Architecture.

  • Pure Mobile app based solution - ease of access and usage.

  • Integrates well with Order Tracking and Accounting system via API/Excel integrations.

  • High Return On Investment due to nominal price, unique pricing options and unique features.

  • Complete customization is allowed.

  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM system and Employee Tracking apps of the company.

Our Plans


Recurring Cloud based licensing

  • No hassle of any hardware, hosting server or deployment/configuration costs.
  • No costs for email, sms and other integrations.
  • Complimentary Technology support, maintenance, backups, up-time etc during license duration at no additional cost.
  • Six-Monthly or Yearly payment options available for software usage.
  • Access to new releases and upgrades of software free of cost if yearly payment is done.
  • Option to migrate to Perpetual license in future if required.
  • Customized licensing option available based on no of users, deliveries, features etc.


One-time upfront payment applicable

  • License for unlimited usage of the license for self use.
  • Access to the latest software version at the time of buying.
  • Hardware, Hosting server and access to Email/SMS Gateways to be provided by Customer.
  • Software Maintenance and Upgrade costs are not included.
  • Customized licensing option available based on no of users, deliveries, features etc.
  • Additional customizations are possible on chargeable basis as and when required.

Note: Completely customized plans are also available...

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