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Attendance and Leave Tracking System (ALTS) is an Enterprise grade product which allows organizations of all sizes to effectively process and track the employee attendance and leaves. Built using Java based platform independent architecture, it entails multifold, diverse and rich features which can be completely customized to accommodate exclusive requirements of customers across the globe. ALTS comes in three different suites i.e. ALTS Desktop, ALTS Network, and ALTS Enterprise.

ALTS desktop is ideal for a small organizations and can be configured on the most basic computer hardware as a a standalone desktop/kiosk installation using which Users can punch IN/OUT, apply and track leaves, their average hours in office etc. The ALTS Network, on the other hand allows employees to perform these operations from a thin client on their individual desktops with all processing on a centralized server. ALTS Enterprise is specifically designed for Bigger Organizations with offices across multiple geographies. It has enterprise level features like data processing and synch up over cloud, real time alerts and reports to manager using a web/mobile based tracking interface.

Functional Features of the product:

  • Java based scalable architecture with think Client created using Java Swings and robust backend in J2EE Web Services.
  • Highly Customizable product with quick ad cost effective Customization support available from
  • Emilia team to take care of Business rules and policies specific to your organization.
  • Contains specialized Attendance and Leave processing and Tracking modules as of now. Payroll module available based on request.
  • Possibility to integrate with external Payroll and ERP systems.
  • User Authentication and Role based security with different level of access to product features for Employees, Managers, HR Representatives and Admins in the company.
  • Comprehensive reporting module provides Reports related to Attendance, Leaves, Average Hours.
  • Alerts and Notifications module for quick alerts to managers and owners of the company via Email, SMS and other alerting mechanism.
  • Mobile App support for Managers and Owners in the Enterprise version along with automatic data synchronization.
  • Cloud based hosting environment also available along with Enterprise version to ensure lower cost of ownership and operations.